5 Gallon bottled drinking water

HACCP Certified

We are HACCP certified. “HACCP is the highest certification international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety.”

LOW Sodium

Sodium level in our water is “value”. It is recommended to drink water with low sodium content.

ESMA Certified

We are ESMA certified. The Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme prescribes requirements for product quality and safety of various consumer products.

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5 gallon water bottles

QUALITY-Water Purification and Bottling
When you buy Al Jabel Water, you can rest assured that the water you are drinking is exceptionally pure & healthy. Our safe mineral water has reached your home or office only after passing through stringent food safety and quality assurance protocols.

At Al Jabel Water, we use some of the most technologically advanced RO systems with multimedia and micron filtration, UV, ozone purification and sterlization treatments in compliance with all requirements for the UAE national standards along with ESMA & HACCP Quality standards.

Our Polycarbonate bottles go through numerous stages of rigorous sanitization protocols before they are filled and sealed Automatically.

Our quality supervisors and in house laboratory ensure that all the above steps are carried out in strict accordance with all quality and safety regulations.

I would recommend Al Jabel Water for sure. We have used them for about 2 years I believe, if not more and delivery has always been on time, I have never had a problem in any way and the water tastes great!
Jenny Kim
I’d rate you guys a “10.” You deliver to my house, and the water tastes great. Some other brands of water actually make my stomach hurt (chlorine perhaps?) but Al Jabel Water is 100% pure.
Edward John
I often recommend Al Jabel Water to friends. Great tasting water, very consistent and dependable deliveries, and excellent customer service.
Sandra Gilbert

5 gallon water bottles Delivery & Service

A convenient option for your home or office, the 5 Gallon Al Jabel bottle is hygienically sealed and economically priced.

Al Jabel Water ZERO is the first pH-neutral, Sodium free, regulatory-approved water, produced in the UAE, available in 5 gallon.

AL JABEL WATER – is a healthy habit Al Jabel Water is one the leading Manufacturing distributors of quality mineral water in UAE. The group originated in UAE more than 20 years ago with strong market participation & customer satisfaction. 

Certifications Al Jabel is certified by ESMA (Emirates Quality Mark) BM-TRADA-HACCP BM-TRADA & UKAS for food safety management.

Some people ask about the shelf life of a five-gallon water jug, while others want to know how long it will last in their home or office before they need to buy more.

If you’re worried about the water jug’s shelf life, you can use it for at least six months before you need to replace it.Despite the fact that water itself doesn’t actually terminate, filtered water ought not be kept endlessly.In the event that the water has been presented to the air or on the other hand on the off chance that it was not put away in an environment controlled climate, you might have to supplant it sooner.

Obviously, you should top off your compartment when you drink or utilize all of the water you have.The answer to your question about how long a five-gallon water jug will last in your office or home is, “It depends.”
The typical customer consumes three to four bottles each month.Depending on the size of the business and the amount of water consumed, businesses may use more.
Your five-gallon water jug will need to be replaced more frequently if you drink a gallon of water every day, as some athletes and gym enthusiasts do.How long it lasts depends on how much you drink and how often you drink it.

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